Hello.  Welcome to my website.  I'm the author of The Darkness: Giger, Texas, an action-filled, keep-you-on-the-edge-of-your-seat supernatural thriller that is now available in paperback, ebook and audiobook. My next book, The Light: Houston, Texas, is now in the hands of my editor and will release in paperback, ebook and audiobook in 2019.



The Light: Houston, Texas

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March Madness has begun and college basketball playoffs are heating up, not that Robert Walker—a graduate student from Texas—particularly cares. He has decided to skip classes for the day, sleep in, and get some rest. Unfortunately, a brief spat on the phone with his fiancée makes that impossible. Hoping to take his mind off of it, he scans through TV channels in search of entertainment and instead finds one news report after another that warns of violence erupting in the streets.

People are randomly and savagely attacking one another all along the East Coast from Maine to Florida. Some speculate it may be related to strange lights that have appeared in the sky above the outbreaks. Before any solid conclusions can be drawn, however, the brutality spreads, sweeping across the country until it hits Houston, then proceeds on to the West Coast. Robert, a handful of classmates, and a few others manage to survive the first wave and find themselves in the midst of civilization’s blackest hour, surrounded by pandemonium, bloodshed, and masses of people who have been stripped of their humanity. Hours later, as those strange lights continue to dominate the sky, the vicious horde undergoes a new transformation.

There is no escaping the horror. Unable to reach his fiancée by phone, Robert sets out to find her, joined by a small ensemble of fellow survivors. The thirty-five miles they must cover are fraught with danger, and their terror grows with each step they take as they witness the genesis of a new Earth. Can they find a way to stop it? Will they even survive it?

The Darkness: Giger, Texas

Now available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook!

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When night falls in Giger, Texas, shadows gather as they always do in dim corners and other areas bereft of moonlight or artificial light. But this time they consolidate and attack any who tread too close. Michael Warren, a twenty-four year old resident of Giger, Texas finds himself at the epicenter of this horror and is stunned by the losses suffered overnight.  Then the sun sets and the shadows again consolidate, growing more aggressive, the darkness eviscerating anyone it touches.    

His only weapon light, Michael struggles to survive and searches frantically for his girlfriend, aiding friends along the way.  Then Hurricane Daniel roars ashore. Wind gusts shred trees and tear down power lines, plunging all of Southeastern Texas into blackness that only feeds and strengthens the encroaching darkness. Rising floodwaters provide easy thoroughfares from which the darkness can strike as Michael and his friends contend with the elements, clash with criminals, and fight their way to his residence where they will stand against the darkness and fight to survive.  


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The Darkness: Giger, Texas  is Now Available on Audible!

The Darkness: Giger, Texas Audiobook


Reviews for The Darkness: Giger, Texas are rolling in and I couldn't be happier.  Here are some snippets from a few of my favorites: 

"Horror at its finest! A total scarefest! . . . Seasoned horror fans will be glued to their seats."

—Gothic Moms

"WOAH!  The creep factor is strong in this one . . . I told my fiancé that this story reminded me of Stephen King before I even knew that the author was inspired by him! . . . If life weren't so hectic, I guarantee you I would have finished this in a day!  It is a horror novel worthy of Mr. King." 

—One Book Two Reviews

"Joe M. Solomon's novel, The Darkness: Giger, Texas was a nail biting thrill ride. Each character ripe with their own ghosts and demons as they battled the darkness among other things. This was a thrilling read which had me captivated from the spirited beginning to the heart-pounding chilling end...Fair warning if you are afraid of the dark this book will intensify that fear ten-fold."

—Linette Dee

"There are very few books that freak me out like this one did. Especially with all the hurricanes that we have been getting lately...This would make a great movie! Keep the light on when you read this one!" 
—Deal Sharing Aunt

"Between the great cover art and thrilling blurb, I knew this could be a good book, and it was...the author did a good job of giving us realistic characters and came up with some twisted scenarios that were believable. It was easy to picture and made things edgy, creepy. Definitely a book I recommend you read at night. If you aren't afraid of the dark now, you could be once you've read it."


I've embarked upon my next writing projects—a second novel entitled The Light: Houston, Texas and an anthology that will release next year.